S10 Mechanical Story

What led to S10 no longer working:

Three years ago I went to change the fourth cylinder fuel injector due to leaking fuel around the injector (slight moisture on valve cover). As I went to crank the fuel out so it doesn’t hydrolock, voltage from a short on the fuel injector side of the engine caused a fire. When we put the fuel injector back in to try and drive it back to my house, the S10 idled very rough, almost sounds like a diesel. When I give it some acceleration, the truck bogs down and nearly stalls. Towards the exhaust, fluid comes out and smells exactly like gasoline. I have verified there is definitely a short in the S10 by disconnecting the positive cable to the positive battery terminal and putting a multimeter between the two, and I get voltage. I have removed all fuses within the cab and the voltage does not disappear, which it should according to this method